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Re: Kernel Oops (was Re: Lots of scary segfaults)

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 00:37, Mark Ferlatte wrote:
> It would mean taking your hardware offline, but I would try memtest.
>  Think of it this way: maybe the next bit flip is in the middle of
> your data.

Uhm, but I thought memtest from the sysutils package (as opposed to 
memtest86), was suited to run on a running box, but that it would be 
very hard to check all the RAM. 

I have my suspecions as to defect RAM. Basically, I was given an old 
Pentium II-box that had three 32MB chips, and then I was given a 
Pentium III-box with a single 128MB chip. This box is now my server. I 
took two of the 32 MB chips from the PII and inserted into the PIII 
(the last chip is in my parent's router...). It could well be that one 
of the two old 32 MB chips are defect, and if there was a way I could 
check the two 32 MBs with memtest without stopping the server, it would 
be great.


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