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Re: cd writer setup, k3b won't work, fstab right??


Ken (<kgw@lunar.ca>) wrote:

[Knoppix 3.2 HD install works, cdwriter does not]
> I have k3b installed. When I try and run it, it says it can't find
> cdrecord even though I have installed cdrecord. The text of the error
> message is: "Unable to find cdrecord executable
> K3b uses cdrecord to actually write cds. Without cdrecord K3b won't be
> able to properly initialize the writing devices.
> Solution: Install the cdrtools package which contains cdrecord."
> Apt-get install does not know of any package called cdrtools.
> I have Arson installed. It will come up with no error messages, but
> when I go into its setup menu, the drop down where you select the cd
> writer is blank.
> My guess is that I just don't have the cd set up correctly at a basic
> level.
> I believe I have scsi emulation set up.
> Here are some bits of various files that tell the story I think:
> [...]

Seems to be OK. You can also run cdrecord -scanbus or cat
/proc/scsi/scsi to see if your devices are listed.

> I checked to see if cdrecord was even installed and got this:
> root@full:/home/ken# cdrecord
> cdrecord.mmap: No tracks specified. Need at least one.
> Usage: cdrecord.mmap [options] track1...trackn

So cdrecord is installed. K3B has a setup program (k3bsetup). Did you
try to run it? I think it will give you the oportunity to say where
your cdrecord executable is.

> ken@full:~$ cdrecord
> /usr/bin/cdrecord: /usr/bin/cdrecord: Permission denied

Check the permissions. Very probably you have to add yourself to the
cdrom group.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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