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Boot Knoppix (was Re: How Do You Know If It Works In Linux?)

on Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 06:23:47PM -0500, Kent West (westk@acu.edu) wrote:
> alex wrote:
> >Suppose someone wants to put together or buy a computer ---something 
> >that is fully compatible with Linux.....no makedo patches such as for 
> >winmodems or other components,  etc---how can you make sure you're 
> >getting what you want?
> >
> >What are the indicators that will tell us whether the components are 
> >fully Linux compatible, whether they are part of a ready to run 
> >Windows computer, a systemless computer, a bare bones box, or one that 
> >you build from scratch?

> Last time I bought a computer, I had the sales guy fire it up with my
> Knoppix CD in it. I wasn't able to test the modem, but I was able to
> run pppconfig and see that the modem was not autodetected. Everything
> else, sound, ethernet, etc (don't believe I tested APM) worked fine.
> Of course, this won't work for individual pieces if you're building
> your own, and may not work depending on what test-setup is available
> at the store, or if you're buying online. As a side benefit, I was
> able to "sell" the sales guy on Knoppix. (I may have even left him a
> copy; I can't remember).

I have to second this strongly.

If you're buying a system from a small vendor, leave a copy of the
Knoppix disk with them for compatibility testing.

Essentially:  boot the system and try everything you can -- graphics,
disk, network, modem, sound, USB, Firewire.  You should be able to get a
pretty good idea of everything that does or doesn't work properly.  If
thet system doesn't meet your expectations, explain to the vendor
specifically why you're rejecting it.

Additionally:  the 'system-info' script found at the URL below will give
you a useful catalog of the configuration and capabilities of the
system, run it and save output.


There is a similar tool packaged for Debian, though the name slips my
mind.  I prefer the output selection/formatting of the system-info


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