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Re: How Do You Know If It Works In Linux?

on Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 09:27:38AM +0200, Michael Schulz (mschulz@lnxlab.org) wrote:

> > No offense, but while I find that companies like HP, Dell, IBM, and
> > other major vendors are more than happy to sell servers and
> > workstations with Linux, the laptop support absolutely sucks.
> You have to understand that these decisions are market driven. We're
> on that way to be there, but I agree not fully there. But we're
> working on that.

Michael, again, no offense, but this is flat wrong.

Time and again, court cases, news leaks, investigations, and in very
rare cases, honest industry insiders, have revealed that alternatives to
legacy MS Windows on the desktop or laptop, including the alternative of
nothing, are proscribed by marketing and licensing practices on the part
of Microsoft.

So if you want me to believe that Bill's got Carly by the balls, I'll
find that far easier to believe than any myth of "market driven"

Your bluff is called.

Mind, your efforts to correct this situation are gratefully appreciated,
and there *are* now sources for GNU/Linux-preload or naked laptops.


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