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Re: Executing a Script every hour

* Christof Hurschler <hurschler@gmx.de> [2003-09-30 15:04]:
> $pop = Net::POP3->new('pop3host', Timeout => 60);

Perl, eh?  Never played around with that language, sorry.

> but I haven't been able to get it to work in swendelete, I always get
> a "can't connect to mail server" error when I run swendelete.pl and
> don't have an active connection (I'm usind demand in ppp).
> Any suggestions?

Although I have no experience with the language, you may want to try
approaching the problem from the other end.  If you can't get the
'Net::POP3' module to wait until the ppp daemon finishes connecting,
have the ppp daemon run your script as soon as it finishes connecting.

Then, instead of running your script every hour, have the daemon connect
every hour, then disconnect after a suitable period.

Just a thought...

dave [ please don't CC me ]

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