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Re: help please

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:49:07 EDT, XDebian@aol.com wrote: 

> I sent out same e-mail before if you read it then don't bother
> yourself with this one
> Hey, I'm about to buy VIA C3M266 Mainboard  Or  VIA P4MA Pro 533
> Mainboard for Linux Debian Woody.   Like you said all VIA
> motherboards, well almost all, should work fine. if you have any thing
> you wanna add to help me install debian on this  motherboard please
> do, Little things can help too you know..... Thanks you so much for
> your help

We *already* responded to your 8+ messages sent to this mailing list.

Please, send only *one* message to a mailing list, instead of 8+ copies
of the *same* message, and please, strip out all HTML from your mail. ;)

As for now ... check out http://lists.debian.org

Your thread will be in the archives, which can be searched, since this
mailing list traffics about 200-300 messages per day.

(posted and c.c.'d, in case XDebian isn't actually subscribed to this

Scott Christopher Linnenbringer		[sl@eskimo.com]
http://www.eskimo.com/~sl/info.txt 	[sl@moslug.org]

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