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Re: HyperThreading CPUs under Debian

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 14:42, Sindre wrote:
> > The BIOS is pre-OS, so that logo must be displayed by Windows.
> Your facts are right, but your conclusion is wrong, the bios is actually aware 
> if the last booted OS did use smp or not.
> My quad cpu compaq report 3 of the cpus as failed if I reboot after using a 
> non-smp kernel, or 2 failed if I last booted windows.
> I guess the same could happen on a p4 HT.

Yup, just as I was thinking. I'll find out for definite by tonight when
I enable HT in Linux. If I can then reboot Debian and get the "HT" P4
logo, then that will be it.


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