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Re: Enabling IMAP access

El domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2003, a las 23:48, Roberto Sanchez escribe:
> - How do I allow this only over SSL (i.e., imaps)?

# apt-get install uw-imapd-ssl

I use UW's IMAP daemon for a fast and easy kick-off. Check Cyrus if
UW's not enough for you.

> - Is there a greater security risk in opening this up rather than 
> allowing only webmail?

I suppose, there are more ways to try and break your httpd running
webmail than to try and break imapd. Can't tell you, nevertheless.

> - I am not totally well versed in the various mail protocols, but I want 
> to be able to keep the mail on the server, raher than having it deleted 
> once downloaded (like POP does).  How do I accomplish that? or is that 
> what IMAP is for?

That is what IMAP is lovely for. I have a woody server (sounds
familiar?) that receives all my mail, filters and clasifies using
procmail, checks spam, checks viruses, and using any client machine I
have only to connect using IMAP to read mail from my folder hierarchy
in the cleanest way posible from wherever.

Regards, Ismael
"Tout fourmille de commentaries; d'autheurs il en est grande cherté"

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