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Re: Can't get eth0:0 subinterface

Scott Horton wrote:


What does one have to do to add a sub interface?  This is a freshly
installed and updated Woody system.  This was the first settign I tried
change.  PITB.

Thanks very much for the time to help,

Things are definatly different in many places. I hope getting the hang
of the Debian way doesn't prove to be too stressful.

I just added the eth0:0 entry to /etc/network/interfaces:


You got that right.  I never imagined all the little nuances I forgot I
knew (and now don't know any more).  I'm muddling through it.  The whole
point being to get something more stable than a once a year complete OS
rebuild/swap for RHx.

I got it (eth0:0) to work but had to build a new kernel to do it.   That
took some
doing as well, but I believe I finally got all the piece parts together
(for the kernel) and got it going.  It seems somehow on install I got some
sort of mini-kernel.  Probably something I did.  Installing the precompiled
kernel didn't work because my NIC wouldn't come up.

I'm glad to hear you got it working, but I'm puzzled that you had to go to such lengths. The eth0 in the machine I tested on uses 3c59x as a module. *shrug*.

One tool I like a lot is modconf. Once you find the right tools for doing the job in Debian, the configuration of things is generally much easier. The trick seems to be learning the new tool names and learning the Debian way of dong things.


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