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Re: Debian Desktop for a Joe Average

On Sunday 28 Sep 2003 12:19 am, Edward Murrell wrote:
> Hi there,
> A friend of mine has had Windows installed for over a year. He's getting
> somewhat sick of it due to the recent spate of virus and spyware that's
> rendered his machine unusable. He's asked me to reinstall Windows, and
> Linux in a dual boot configuration.

I tried this when I put  together my mechine and I just stopped using windows 
after a while.

> The problem is this; while I've been running Debian on the desktop for
> over two years, a large proportion of the average Joe desktop stuff has
> never graced my machine. I've never seriously looked at any hotplug,
> automounting, gui configuration tools, hardware auto-detection, or any
> of the other little things that make an OS 'easy' for non-tech people.

If you are looking for these things, could I recommend mandrake linux over 
debian. IMHO debian is for the power user who is ready to fiddle with text 
files and the shell. Mandrake is good for people who just want it to work. 

> I'm hoping for a list of applications and software that people have come
> across which has worked (properly) every time. I am doing my own
> research, but I'm hoping other people may know something that I don't
> find.

try this page:
> I'm aiming at a GNOME desktop, but am perfectly happy to recommend KDE
> if the applications support is better.
> * Things that I'm seeking information on specifically;
> * Automount of CD's for KDE. (Gnome has magicdev)
> * Automount / appear on desktop, of USB / firewire devices.
> * Video editing/collection applications. The guy has a Sony digital cam,
> and likes to rip and edit movies. Connects via USB and/or firewire.
> * Versions of GNOME 2.x, and KDE 3.x that are stable - and that goes for
> the bundled applications as well. I like the bleeding edge, but the
> average user is not so forgiving.
the versions of KDE in sid seem fairly stable, (my view might change after I 
download 3.1.4 tonight)

> Cheers
> Edward Murrell

post any problems

good luck

Someone esle can help you better than I can.

Every time I think that perhaps we are an advanced race, I turn around and 
read ramblings on Slashdot, and realize I was wrong.

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