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Re: Still on install

--- Willem.Smit@sanlam.co.za wrote:
> --- Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:
>  >::> Sidney Brooks wrote:
>  >::I commented out "auth". The only difference it
> made is
>  >::that the connected icon appeared on the bottom
> of the
>  >::screen. However, as before, the browser could
> not
>  >::connect with any website.
> Have you set up your /etc/resolv.conf file ?
> Try and ping a random IP address and see if that
> works. If it does, you
> just need to add your nameserver ip address in
> resolv.conf

I pinged my ISP with the response: data bytes
The number is the number that I pinged.

I then went to /etc/resolv.conf, found it empty, and
entered the ISP numbers. I also went to
/etc/ppp/resolv.conf. It already had the numbers with
the lead "nameserver".

Then I tried kppp. It dialed, I heard the ISP response
and then got: 
The pppd daemon died expectedly
Exit status 1

On the terminal was additional information:
Warning: KDE detected X error (invalid parameter
Major opcode:42

The response to the pon command was the same as
before, it dialed, I heard the ISP response, but I
could not connect to the internet.

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