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fetching older packages?

I just used dselect to update all of my packages on unstable, only to
find that apparently the latest python (2.3.1-1) has a nasty bug that
messes up my tmda-based filtering system.  (I use tmda primarily for the
easy-to-grok filtering syntax, so please don't flame me regarding c/r
systems -- that's another discussion.)

Anyway, this brings up the question, how do I revert to an older version
of a package?  A friend pointed out that I can just dpkg -i
whatever.deb, where whatever is the older version, but I still have

1) Where do I find this older version? In this case it should be the
version that was available on unstable right up until a few hours ago.

2) What does debian do about the dependencies?  In most cases, will
having newer libraries be okay, or do I need to replace just about

3) The python 2.3.1-1 package depends on the python 2.3 package depends
on the python package.  How am I to understand these dependencies?
Could I just remove the 2.3.1-1 package and still somehow have python

4) If I do revert, how do I tell dselect (or apt-get or whatever) not to
upgrade, and how do I know when the newer version is available?

I've been running debian for years, but this is the first time I've ever
had to think about reverting a version -- which I think is a pretty
awesome track record for debian.  Unfortunately, this relative
perfection didn't give me the chance to perfect my debian
troubleshooting skills =P

-- monique

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