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Re: OT: RH and Debian brothers now?

On (27/09/03 08:26), cr wrote:
> I appreciate that dselect is only part of the install process, albeit the 
> largest part timewise if one uses it.  What makes it frustrating is that, 
> while working through the huge list of apps in dselect (which isn't the most 
> intuitive piece of software ever written  ;)    it's only too easy to 
> 'finish' with it prematurely**, at which point the installer asks 'Continue  
> Y/n'    with no 'Back' option to re-enter dselect.    It's the combination of 
> the two that's so unforgiving.
> ( **  The dselect package selection interface is confusing or even alarming 
> to a new user.      -    man dselect   :)
> I'd say dselect is probably okay for selecting a few apps.    Working through 
> an entire install list with it is a daunting task.    As I said, next time 
> (if there is a next time :)  I'll just use tasksel, install what it selects, 
> and then do the fine tuning afterwards with kpackage.   

FWIW - I use dselect exclusively (except for the very occasional apt get 

I did find it very confusing at first and when installing and 
upgrading KDE3.1.   I went around in circles a few times but overall it 
is great for understanding what packages are available, what they do 
and dealing with dependencies.  I will move to aptitude at some point 
but having become familiar with dselect I am comfortable with it.  

That said as a newbie, I found it difficult;)



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