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Re: SU shows my password at terminal

* tb.nospam@comcast.net (tb.nospam@comcast.net) [030925 14:38]:
> Sometimes, when I type SU and then start typing my password really fast, 
> a few of the keystrokes will be echod to the screen -- usually when the 
> system is only under moderate load and I'm not "expecting" it to be 
> slow.  It happens in X with gnome-terminal and also sometimes just at 
> the console.
> It's a real usability hassle.  Suggestions?  other than "expect that, 
> and don't do it?"

Sorry, that's all I've got.  Basically, don't begin typing a password
until you get the prompt.  I know most of the time we "type ahead" on
many commands, but if your password is a secret (which it should be) you
should make sure you only begin to type it when you know exactly where
it's going.  I know I've accidentally typed it in at the login: prompt,
when trying to log in too fast.  Well, there goes my password plain in
the logs!  Time to change it...

good times,
						--Nick Moffitt
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