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Re: re-installation snag wrong mouse selected

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 09:35:28AM -0800, J Y wrote:
> Thanks..yes I know the command to reconfigure the xserver & mouse. I
> just can't get a terminal window to open. Well I did actually in Gnome
> but there was a dialogue box in front of the shell and I couldn't see
> the terminal window. After hobbling about the desktop with an erratic
> mouse and then just the tab an arrow keys I must have done more damage
> to the system because now the keyboard doesn't work in debian either. It
> works fine in SuSe, (where I'm writing this from). I don't believe that
> one mistake means I need to to do yet another re-install.....oh well.  

Have you tried Ctrl-Alt-F1 ? If that doesn't work, you can always boot
single user (Linux single at the lilo prompt), and work from there


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