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inn2 crashing


I've just upgraded from woody to sarge, but upgraded inn2 to the latest
version 2.4.0+20030912-1.

Now inn won't start. It reports the error:

SERVER cant initialize storage manager: one or more storage methods
failed initialization

My storage.conf file is the default one that came with the installation.
And I have one method thus:

method tradspool {
	class: 1
	newsgroups: *

everything else is commented out.

inn.conf sets patharticles to /var/spool/news/articles amd pathspool to

That's as it should be isn't it?

Interestingly, if I change the one method to timehash rather than
tradspool the server starts (although then I can't read any articles
from it because they are all stored as tradspool).

Any ideas?


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