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Re: MS mail bombs - This does work ;)

Apologies to Pigeon - this does work ;)

On (24/09/03 11:48), Clive Menzies wrote:
> On (24/09/03 04:22), Pigeon wrote:
> > I've just found getting mailfilter up on woody to be a suitable
> > means of passing the time while microwaving pizzas. It's dead easy:
> I think my pizza would be crisped by now ;) but thanks for this.
> Coincidentally, I was trying to confilgure mailfilter last night to
> find, I couldn't invoke it from getmail and so downloaded fetchmail. So
> your posting is timely ;)
> > 
> > 1) apt-get install mailfilter - it only depends on libc, libstdc++ and
> >    debconf, so no baddies there. :-)
> Installed through dselect - no problem
> > 2) modify ~/.fetchmailrc with the 'preconnect "mailfilter"' line,
> >    which goes in a slightly non-obvious place, as in my example
> >    (attached); only one 'preconnect' line is needed to check multiple
> >    mailboxes, as mailfilter gets the info on which boxes to check from
> >    its own .rc, not from fetchmail.
> Have done this but want to avoid wiping mails off the server for two
> days (what I currently do with getmail).  Haven't cracked how to do this
> yet ... so using mailfilter alone in "TEST" mode
> >    
> > 3) modify my attached ~/.mailfilterrc with your POP3 username and
> >    password details. The DENY rules to filter out viral crap are
> >    translated from posts by Greg Lehey and David Lloyd on the LinuxSA
> >    list. The ALLOW lines are to cope with the possibility of list
> >    traffic arriving with large log files attached which would
> >    otherwise be knocked out by the MAXSIZE limit. You must have the
> >    log file. You can add a line 'TEST=yes' to run in 'dummy' mode
> >    without actually deleting everything. The DENY and ALLOW lines must
> >    not contain line breaks.
> I've used your filters only (having commented out the example ones
> supplied) but when I look at mailfilter.log it seems to have deleted
> everything (in TEST mode luckily).  I can send the log file if needed;
> meanwhile I attach my mailfilterrc file.  Can you tell me what I've done
> wrong?

I have the SHOW_HEADERS option and being either stupid or inexperienced
(you take your pick) didn't realise that it would show me all headers
rather than just the deleted items.  I had VERBOSITY = 2.  When I
commented out the ShowHeadrs it only showed the deleted mail.  I went
back to Show Headers and rechecked the logs and now I think I understand
what they are telling me ;)

Hope I didn't waste your time

Thanks again


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