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Re: can kernel 2.4.21 from testing source be installed without removing 2.4.18 from woody?

"Daniel B." <dsb@smart.net> writes:

> Can a kernel-image 2.4.21 package from testing (built from source) be 
> installed on woody without removing a kernel-image 2.4.18 package from 
> woody?
> It seems that:
> - testing's 2.4.21 kernel package depends on module-init-tools, but 

So when you say "built from source", what do you really mean?  I'd
think that, if you used stable's kernel-package to build a 2.4.21 or
2.4.22 kernel from either the kernel.org or Debian (testing/unstable)
sources, it should work fine and you wouldn't get strange
dependencies.  (A 2.6.0-test kernel would probably be a total loss,

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