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Re: Security updates vs. Sarge and Sid??

Colin Watson said:
> On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 05:54:58PM -0600, Jacob Anawalt wrote:
>> Lou Losee said:
>> > The posts that arrive from the Debian Security list show package
>> updates
>> > for Woody.  How does one ensure that these same updates are applied
>> when
>> > running a mixed system (testing & stable)?
>> As long as there aren't people working to put security updates into
>> testing, you won't see any 'security team' updates to testing.
>> http://www.debian.org/releases/ (read the testing section)
>> So you have to wait for the package maintainer to fix it, release the
>> fix
>> into unstable (which if you've been following the lists you'll notice it
>> hasn't happened for the ssh package as of last night but the ssh update
>> has been in stable for a couple of days.)
> Erm ... OpenSSH has been fixed in unstable for just as long as it's been
> fixed in stable (modulo the fact that unstable's only updated once a
> day), thank you very much. I was up all Tuesday night doing it ...

My apologies for the misinformation and bad example, and sincerest thanks
for your efforts in getting it into unstable so quickly.

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