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Re: renice (was Disk I/O stalling whole system ..)

On Monday 08 September 2003 23:13, Geordie Birch wrote:
> Mariano Kamp <mkamp@gmx.de> [08 Sep 2003 22:09 +0200]:
> >  when copying from one ide disk to another ide disk on the the same
> > controller the whole systems stalls. I am running 2.4.19 on unstable.
> >
> >   When renicing the copying processes it works ok, but I am not sure if
> > that is the solution. And if that is, how would I do this efficiently.
> > Looking a top and renicing by hand is a bit annoying to me ;-)
> 	There's no need to use top to renice:
> 	# renice -20 commandname

  that is exactly what I was looking for.

  A question on a sidebar ... How did you learn that? I had a good look at the 
renice command man page and after I read your mail once again, but didn't 
find anything.

  Actually I tried it out and it didn't work for me. What I tried is:

rock:~# renice -10 pppoe
0: old priority 0, new priority -10
rock:~# renice -10 /usr/sbin/pppoe
0: old priority 0, new priority -10
  And top also show a nice value of 0.

  Any ideas?

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