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Re: mixing stable and testing

On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 04:27:36PM -0800, Greg Madden wrote:
> You would need to setup a /etc/apt/preferences file, add testing to yor 
> sources.list, and use pinning. Even so libc6 (upgrade) will be a depend 
> on anythig from Testing. For what you want, it may be safer/easier to 
> use 'apt-source' and build the few packages you want. If you are lucky 
> there won't be any depends or only a couple that you will have to also 
> build. You may need to run 'apt-get build-dep' in order to build your 
> package, you would get an error message to this effect.

Um, ok, another stupid newbie question: how do I build a package from
source?  I downloaded metalog's source, but the package won't build if I use
dpkg -b metalog-dir -- it comes up with errors in the DEBIAN/control file.
Am I going about it the right way?  I've compiled programs before, I've just
never compiled a *package*.


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