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Re: So what the hell is wrong with X?

"Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> writes:

> There are specific faults to X11.  The technology as a whole is not
> broken, and any wholesale replacement would have to answer to a great
> many requirements.

>      4. Configuration. In particularly, on-the-fly reconfiguration of X
>         resolution and refresh [Note: I've just learned of XRAND in this
>         topic today, need to look into it]. Somewhat obviated by the
>         ability to use XNest and multiple displays.

One specific example comes to mind: laptops and presentations.  I'd
like to be able to walk into a lecture hall, resume my laptop from
sleep, plug it into a projector, and go, preferably with different
things shown on the local and projected displays.  'xpdf -fullscreen'
works well enough to display things I've tossed together with
prosper.  But it seems like I'd need to be able to dynamically add an
X screen (or, perhaps, start a second server) and have a specialized
client that used both screens effectively.  Add to this the
complication that modern laptop screens are the only thing in the
world that use a 1400x1050 resolution, and the current "mirror the
image on both screens" solution doesn't work so well.  Windows deals
comparatively seamlessly; it'd be nice if X did as well.

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