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Re: IDE hard drive failure

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:20:31 -0700
paul@mackinney.net wrote:

>  1. If the BIOS doesn't always recognize the drive, then you have
>  one of three problems: bad BIOS, bad cable, bad drive. Since the
>  drive has already failed once, you're pretty sure it's the third
>  reason. Try swapping/re-seating the cables or reconfiguring the
>  master/slave relation on your IDE bus.

In fact I tried to use the drive on another PC, so the problem is in
the drive! :(

>  If the problem persists then it's time to start using that drive
>  for a doorstop, bookend, or other purpose suitable to its proven
>  reliabilty.

Any idea to *recover* the data before using it for one of those
excelent ideas that you gave? I really CAN picture it as some sort
of decorative art! =)


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