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Re: insmod usb-uhci ->No such device

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 10:03:15AM +0200, Niels L. Ellegaard wrote:
> I have a logitech 4000 camera and I can use it with camstream and
> usb-ohci. However after a while it freezes with a v4l
> timeout. (Details will follow in a later post)
> I decided to try to follow the the installation instructions of the
> drivers precisely, before asking too many questions, and the website
> of my camera drivers (pwc and pwcx) tells me to use usb-uhci.
> Are usb-ohci and  usb-uhci equally good for an usb webcam?

The uhci and ohci are for different USB controllers on your PC.  The
uhci is for VIA chipsets (and a few others - I not sure which though)
and the ohci covers the rest.

Only one will work with your PC.  If you use lspci -vv to see the
details of your USB controller it should show either UHCI or OHCI.

There's also ehci for USB 2.0 devices (still need ohci/uhci for slower
devices though).

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