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GRUB hangs at boot

Title: GRUB hangs at boot

Hi there:

After having partitioned my hard disk (+ran fdisk /mbr) and installed the system GRUB hangs right after displaying the stage2 …… thing.

I booted from a LILO on a floppy disk and mounted the root.  Then I check the partition table to see if everything was as should be. 

I put grub on a floppy disk but again when I tried to boot grub from the floppy disk I got the same thing, GRUB hangs at stage2 …… message.

The motherboard is a Soltek SL-61D and I flashed it with the latest BIOS.  Is this something that has to do with support of on board IDE/FDC controllers?

When I took the same GRUB boot disk on another machine it booted with no problems whatsoever.

Any advise?


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