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Re: simple backup script - tar

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Marcus Schopen wrote:

> > Fault tollerance and data backups are not the same thing, they are just
> > different components of a data protection policy.

yup ..

> > My advice would be (as a minumum) to take a full backup on Monday night and
> > incrementals or differentials all other nights.  Like I say, as a minumim.
> which programm do you use to do that?

simplest way on sunday in cron:
	tar zcvf monday.7days.tgz   ` find /home /etc -mtime -7 -type f `

on saturday night, do full backups in cron:
	tar zcvf /mnt/backup_disk `find /home /etc -type f -print `

	- stick in  symbolic links too

- make a script .. even easier... does all the additional checking,
  and emailing, and failure notices and different backup media  etc


- what you backup is strictly depending on you and your parition scheme
  and where you keep "user data"

no point to backing up (system) stuff that is already backedup gazillion
times on the internet

c ya

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