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Re: simple backup script

Yves Goergen wrote:

On Tuesday, September 02, 2003 1:15 AM CET, Marcus Schopen wrote:


I'm looking for a simple backup script, which uses e.g. dd and
additionally does some error handling and mail notification. I use
amanda for my daily and weekly backups, but to feel more secure, I
installed a second harddrive in my server today. Now I'm looking for a
nice and secure script, which does a full backup of the first harddisk
each day.

Why don't you just use RAID to mirror your harddisk?

The first harddisk is running in a raid (mirroring). But beside this raid I'd like to have a backup to this second harddisk. Call me paranoid if you like, but I feel better with this solution.

Saves you daily backups and gives you instant backup on failure. And IIRC
your system can keep on running 'on one tyre'.


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