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Re: Newbie Hardware/Partitioning

On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 12:04:06AM -0400, David Crane wrote:
> I think you only created 4 primary partitions.  It doesn't sound 
> like you created an extended partition holding logical partitions, 
> which is what W2K would have complained about.  It is a good idea 
> to create the slew of linux partitions I explained, for various 
> administrative reasons.

Three primary, one extended.

I'm well aware of reasons to create differing partitions to contain /usr,
/var, and etcetera.  There was no reason to do that in this case.  But even
if I had, Win2k wouldn't be complaining about it.

If Win2k were going to complain, it'd be complaining about the other
non-DOS partitions that're on the drive.  You give it too much credit for

> I think you will have a difficult time upgrading your kernel in the 
> future.  I described how to set up LILO to do the dual boot.  I 
> don't know if NTLDR will be able to handle /vmlinuz and 
> /vmlinuz.old, but I kind of doubt it.

I kind of doubt it'll matter in the slightest, since it's lilo that's
loading the Linux kernel, not NTLDR.  Note where I stated that lilo was in
the boot record of hda4.  I've updated the kernel several times since this
install was done.

You're assuming that NTLDR either has absolute knowledge of where the
kernel is, a la lilo (it doesn't), or that it can read the filesystem to
find it a la grub (it can't).  It just loads lilo from the boot record and
lets *it* handle the kernel.

Using NTLDR to boot alternative operating systems works as well as using
lilo to do it, and IMHO it's usually cleaner.

> I only used dd to create a backup of NTLDR.  I could have forged 
> ahead without it, but that isn't prudent.

The Win2k repair option could recreate it for you with no difficulties.

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