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an unfortunate dummy apologies

apologies for my post yesterday
new ignorant user, who has broken both her
wrist and her debian
plus did not think I was ready yet for your list.

over the weekend my capable linux buddy installed
woody for me, its my tenth + try with linux
(I think I am cursed.. we have previous tried
red hat, suse, mandrake, caldera, and half a dozen
other distributions all crashed or became unworkable)

Anyways we installed wonderful debian over two
days. We installed only stable packages and I also
checked out the list of favourites and choose
some of them. My hard working friend went home.

But then the desk bar/task bar stated to flicker
and disappear under my user mode in KDE.
Root seemed ok, so did gnome. I repeatedly
rebooted and restarted it feebly trying to get control.
At last I shifted it to the roof of the monitor and it
seemed to stabilise. 

Next the mouse began to flicker,
large boxes across the desktop flashed
and applications seem to started themselves
and the mouse became unuseable
mr spocks grip did not work
I pulled the plug.

restarting the file system is corrupted
it is unable to correct things automatically
and asks me to do it manually
but alas I am a techno dummy.

my system is a self built pent 3 dual processor
524 memmory. Partitioned
with win 2000, debian3 (no swap), beos 5, beos max and
a fat 32 partition..mounted on all my OS's as a cross roads. 

any advise
is the a good place for novices and debian/linux dummies
to get help.
I have brought obtained about 7 debian/linux references
I really hope I can conquer my bad luck.

much thanks for your patience

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