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Re: ide-scsi CDRW and a real SCSI CDROM

At 2003-09-01T11:12:07Z, Russell Shaw <rjshaw@iprimus.com.au> writes:

> The real scsi will appear under sdxx such as sda1.

Except that it doesn't.  In fact, it's not even detected in dmesg.

What I've done so far:

1) Added this to my grub boot parameters:

    hde=scsi ignore=hde

2) Created an /etc/modutils/cdrw:

    # First, get the ide-cd drive to not latch onto /dev/hdd
    options ide-cd ignore=hde
    # Set up an alias for /dev/scd0 to load sr_mod
    alias scd1 sr_mod
    # Now get ide-cd followed by ide-scsi loaded before the SCSI drivers
    pre-install sg        modprobe ide-scsi
    pre-install sr_mod    modprobe ide-scsi
    pre-install ide-scsi  modprobe ide-cd

3) Ran update-modules.

4) Added `ide-scsi' and `sg' to /etc/modules.

5) Rebooted.

Anything I missed
Kirk Strauser

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