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Re: Mutt: How to find new mail in mult. mailboxes?

On 07:28 Mon 01 Sep?, ajlewis2@intac.com wrote:
> In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> > 
> > man 5 muttrc.  Look for "mailboxes"
> After you make the entries in .muttrc with mailboxes, you can type 'c' to
> change mailboxes and you will get the name of the next mailbox in the list
> that has mail.  If use the TAB key after 'c' you will get a list of the
> mailboxes and an 'N' will be there for those which have new mail.
> Anita

I already edited my .muttrc(included all mailbox entries) and have it
displayed on the mutt browser window, where'd you get the 'N'?? that's
what I'd like to know ... cause I have no fields on the browser for new
mail :( 'browser_format' in .muttrc doesn't seem to work ...


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