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Re: Some odd comments and questions for all

Joris Lambrecht wrote:

I've been re-installing Debian after an over-courages attempt at getting
used to Windows, again. I'm really pleased with what has changed in the
meantime. The 2.4.21 kernel is really something to keep a good eye one
and Gnome2.2, slurp. Mozilla-xft package ! Greaaat!
It surely won't be long before this platform starts really-really
kickin' ass now. Compliments to all the people who put in their time and

Well, Debian GNU/Linux surely looks much more yummy. I've got plans for
looking into,with the help of a musician, the DEMUDI debian-branch as
well. People who can advise on commercial as well as
OSS-midi-software/softsynths/sequencers, VJ-software etc. Please let me
know. I'm also building a site wich will be partly focused on Linux

What i had also been wondering about is all the wonderfull repository's
wich can be found at http://www.apt-get.org ... what if ... someone put
some malicious code into these repository's. I wouldn't know why and
this would probably soon be found out about but still, i wouldn't want
to use these repository's when running a production-server or something
similarly critical. What's the catch and what's the way to go ? I'm not
really fond off recompiling stuff since i get pretty confused doing that

Some of the packages on apt-get.org are maintained by official debianites.

Is there any safe way to run unstable with woody ? (Given unstable is
still sid)

Install testing and get unstable packages whenever you need one.

Also, rolling back versions of software to previous versions. How is
this done, if doable at all.

Download and unpack a source package. Modify the autoconf, debian
packaging files, and program source to use older standards, build-tools
and libraries (not trivial). Rebuild the .deb and dpkg -i.

> And why are there that many dependency
issues with backports ? Are it only the poorly backported applications
wich show dependency issues ?

Interfaces with various tools and libraries are different, so you
have to adapt.

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