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Re: Internet connection sharing with WinXP: DNS problem

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 17:47, Jörg Johannes wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> My father has a Win XP box with a builtin DSL card (no linux driver 
> available AFAIK, it's a Eicon Diva DSL). So the only possibility to get 
> my Linux laptop connected to the net when I am at home is to let XP dial 
> in and share the connection to my Linux box. I have tried the "Internet 
> connection sharing wizard" (an awful thing) on Windows, and set the Win 
> box as gateway in my eth0 config under linux. Now I can ping servers on 
> the net with their IP adress, but I can not get the name resolution to 
> work. I don't know which DNS server Windows uses, it is assigned 
> dynamically wehn the connection is established, and I don't know how to 
> get the adress...
> Any idea how to make surfing the net possible with such a setup?
> Thanks
> joerg
> -- 
> Gib GATES keine Chance!

When you enable Internet Connection Sharing in WinXP, it sets up a
caching DNS server, DHCP server and NAT. Thus, if you set your client
linux box to get it's settings via dhcp, the WinXP box will pass on the
DNS settings (add them to resolv.conf). This works for me, with no
additional setup on either the windows or linux boxes. Using standard
dhclient3 on sarge/testing to get assign an IP address and name
resolution to the linux box.
If that doesn't work for you, then grab the DNS settings off the winxp
box (click 'status' for the DSL connection, you'll find them) and put
them in your /etc/resolv.conf.


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