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Re: Logging into X remotely

On Sunday 31 August 2003 13:47, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 04:39:17 -0700
> Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
> > XDMCP would be easier and better on bandwidth (thus faster).  VNC is
> > good when you need to display something graphical on a platform that
> > never anticipated multiuser, networked environments (namely, MS Windows).
>     This is not entirely true.  GTK2 apps dog very badly over X whereas
> with VNC the speed is acceptable.  Prime examples are XChat and Pan.  Both
> are related to scrolling.
>     In Pan paging up or down in the article listing takes 1-2 seconds to
> redraw under X.  W/VNC (well, TightVNC, Hextile, no compression) it is
> nearly instantaneous.
>     XChat also lags badly when scrolling the channel view.  Under X when
> there is quick chatter you'll get jerky 1/2-page scrolls.  VNC (same as
> above) it is almost as smooth as having the client on the local machine.
>     I've done both and settled on TightVNC (server and client) because of
> the above issues as well as the ability to access my desktop from multiple
> machines w/o shutting it down and restarting.  Most of the time my laptop's
> got the display up but sometimes I want to just work on the main machine
> (larger screen, nicer input devices, access to sound, etc) and fire VNC up
> there in a shared session to take over.  Of course I was (and still am) a
> heavy screen user so there might be a precedent set there years ago.  :)

I'm currently working via remote X on my normal computer since my girlfriend 
has claimed my desk for study purposes. I'm currently on her portable booted 
using a knoppix cd and now remote X'ing on my regular machine and if I 
wouldn't know better I would say I were working live on that machine. On the 
6 houres that my session is open i consumed approximately 200 megabyte of 
traffic over an 10mbit lan. 
I have no problems with applications like pan here. Everything works nice the 
only disadvantage remote X has is that you just can't jump in into a session 
that was open before.
And if I use vnc on the same configuration and if I compare than remote X 

my 2 cents ;)


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