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UTF-8 locales and the Linux console.

I recently switched my locale from no_NO.ISO-8859-1 to no_NO.UTF-8.
This seems to work great, at least under Gnome and X.  However, the
Linux console does not know that I'm using UTF-8 and interprets all
the UTF-8 that various programs spew out as ISO-8859-1.

There is a command line program called unicode_start which will
un-confuse the kernel nicely.  However, I need to invoke that manually
rather to frequently.  Is there a officially blessed way to set the
kernel console in UTF-8 mode on startup?  dpkg-reconfigure
console-tools and friends only seem to deal with my keyboard layout.

Gaute Strokkenes                        http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~gs234/
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