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Re: how to get ssh-agent to work again?

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Alexander Koch wrote:

> I was using gdm for some time and it worked nicely.
> At some point I was only using xinit and it worked
> and only with xinit I have my umlauts (tricky case,
> long story).
> Now, where do I have to put ssh-agent in my .xinitrc
> or so so that all terminals opened have it? If I start
> it in my .xinitrc, it prints stuff on the vc where I
> start it from but the environment variables are not in
> the terminals of course.
> Any idea? My .xinitrc looks like this:
> export LANG=de_DE
> /usr/bin/x-window-manager&
> xhost +localhost
> exec /usr/bin/gnome-session
> Really, life without ssh-agent is a pain if you have
> numerous hosts/routers and your pass phrase is rather
> long...

I feel your pain...

Recently I had a lot of our users ask similar questions so I wrote a
tutorial about proper SSH configuration for pubkey authentication in a
mixed OpenSSH/SSH.com environment. It has a section about initializing
SSH Agent from your login shell or your X initialization file, including
some handy examples for inclusion in those files. I think/hope it will
be useful to you.

The good part is that it will show you how to connect to one Agent from
multiple sessions, to me that's better than just adding ssh-agent and
ssh-add to ~/.xsession. Anyway, the scripts and the tutorial can be found



Grx HdV

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