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Re: Debian and KDE (Update 2)

On Thursday 28 Aug 2003 2:58 pm, William Bradley wrote:
> Once again, thank you to all who responded to the above.
> When logged in as "root" I can access "kppp" from the command line. I can
> also access it from the "Internet Dialer" icon from within KDE.
> As a user in KDE and using the "Internet Dialer" icon I am still getting:
> KDEInit could not launch 'kppp': Could not find 'kppp' executable.
> Something has to be modified somewhere but hanged if I know where. If
> anyone knows could you tell me the file that has to be modified.
> Thanks again,
> Bill.
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> William Bradley
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what you need to do is change the permissions on kppp. Open konqueror in Super 
User mode. you will find the menu entry for this is in system>more programs. 
go to /usr/bin and sroll down until you find the kppp entry. right click on 
it to get the properties srceen. select the perrmissions tab and select the 
exec/others option. then try kppp again. 

Note: for changing perrmissions, which is what we are doing here, there is a 
faster way from the command line. If any one knows this please post it. 

hope this helps


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