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Re: Need feedback concerning PVR/DVR, Home threatre setup!

Major snip

> You can get micro-itx systems for <$200 from idot.com, complete.
> I don't know how they related to PVR applications.

All that is needed to have a PVR is a TV tuner card that is supported 
by Linux, which you then can save your shows to a hard drive.  Most 
graphics cards nowadays have support for tv out if you buy the right 
card.  In fact most cards which has tv out will ship with software 
for the tv watching by S-video connection.

>You can get basic black cases easily enough and it may not look any 
>more out of place than having a DVD recorder next to a VCR.

I was thinking about that, but I want to do a proof of concept with 
the available hardware to see if its worth investing in a pvr box.  
Only problem I might have is I might need to buy a cheapo sound card, 
cause my box does not have one.   In fact I might do it over this 
long weekend shouldn't be two hard to accomplish.


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