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Kernel Upgrade Problems

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Debian, but have used Mandrake and Redhat for a couple
of years.

I have had a Debian Woody box running for a few months running the stock
2.2.20-idepci kernel, and decided it was time to upgrade.

The box is a AMD XP 1800 with 256Mb DDR266 RAM.

I ran:

apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-k7

and waiting. Everything was installed correctly, or so it appeared, so I
rebooted. A number of errors appeared, regarding /etc/modules.conf being
newer than modules.dep for the kernel. Also, I seemed to have lost the
network configuration.

When I tried insmod 8139too (the module for the network card), I get a
number of unresolved symbol errors.

Any ideas?

Hope I have given enough information!


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