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Re: Autodetection and configuring of devices! Need advice

Actually I'm looking for more tools than, mkxf8con, mdetect, read-edid,
discover, hwsetup to find and setup the devices correctly automatically,
especially for xfree86 (since discover does the rest)

Does anyone knows the progres of discover2?

Joakim Nordberg

> Hi ppl,
> I'm currently runnig a small distribution meant for terminal services,
> X, Citrix, RDP and VNC. Which is installable on a disc with just dd, which
> makes it very easy to deploy on hundreds of machines during a day.
> For the moment i'm running on Sarge together with tools from Knoppix like
> hwsetup and mkxf86config which are really nice. And it works like a dream!
> But I would like to run it on Woody since Sarge updates too often, -but
> Knoppix tools runs only on Sarge or Sid. Got the picture?
> Are there other tools I could use?
> Discover for all hardware, -but
> What should I use for X
> What should I use for Mouse?
> Regards,
> Joakim Nordberg

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