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Sylpheed spellchecking help

I tried for several times to sub to the sylpheed mail list to ask this but
no go so far, probably my error, however perhaps someone using sylpheed can

Briefly I installed a debian woody system for a elderly friend to use as a
browser and email and 'learn about computers'.

He can manage both fine now using mozilla and sylpheed but has problems with

I've been through both the FAQ and the sylpheed-doc manual and can't even
find a mention of spellchecking anywhere.

Using an external editor is not a satisfactory solution. My friends son uses
yahoo and his mailer has a spellchecking button.

So,failing a simple spellcheck for sylpheed, I suppose that my question
really becomes,can anyone suggest a Debian alternative to the Yahoo mailer.  

I am about to setup a separate Woody box to use to test any suggestions


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