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Re: lists.bofh.it

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 04:53:41PM +0200, Wolfgang Lonien wrote:
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> Hi all,
> I cannot subscribe to this gateway, not with email, not with a browser, not 
> with mailman - what am I doing wrong? I want to use a newsreader instead of 
> getting all this into my mailbox...
> sigh,

Grrr.  According to the maintainer of the boft gateway, you should
have received a message requesting "unauthorized users" to register
their email address to the "authorization mailing list". 


Did you notice that you received some sort of authorisation request
when you tried to post to the gateway?  I assume you did.  Is sending
out your email address to the "authorization mailing list" the same as
subscribing to the mailing list, I wonder?  That would be ok since
this is a mailing-list.  Still, a lot of people are either failing
to notice these messages, possibly because they are unexpected, or
something is going wrong some of the time at any rate.  Maybe the 
authorisation request should be reworded somehow?

Anyway, I guess this is an opportunity for me to trot out a few more
numbers and observations based on articles that were posted over the
last five days or so to the gateway only, and which I have saved:

In the last five days there have been at least 75 articles posted to
the gateway by 48 posters that *did not* get sent out to the mailing
list subscribers.  (To separate these 75 posts I weeded all the
articles posted to the gateway over the last five days which *did not*
have an X-Original-Message-ID in the article headers.)

Out of those 48 posters at least 8 posters subsequently had their
posts resent successfully to the mailing list (including yours
Wolfgang, I believe?).

Out of those people whose posts were never resent to the list, there
were 20 original articles posted to the gateway which seem to be
asking genuine questions. 

The remaining posts (out of the 75) were replies made to threads
ongoing on the [real] mailing list, or replies made to the original
articles that were posted to the gateway only.

In a few cases questions were asked _and_ answered on the gateway and
of course, these entire threads were never seen at all by list
subscribers (unless they are reading the list on the gateway). As
such, it is as though there are two lists co-existing here. 

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