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Re: rms on debian

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 10:12:13AM +0800, Isaac To wrote:
> ...
> Different people have different opinions, and the fact that www.gnu.org
> decided not to have a link to Debian means that the crews in www.gnu.org

> agreed to RMS about not having Debian listed is a good idea, even though GNU
> is the one who started Debian.  And www.gnu.org does not represent RMS
> alone, but instead a group of followers who are pushing the ideals of GNU.

I just looked at www.gnu.org. Found lots of idealistic stuff that lots of
people have never read. The only distribution that I found mentioned
under "Links to Other Free Software Sites" was "Debian GNU/Linux".
Not Redhat, SuSe, Mandrake, etc, And not "GNU/LinEx". Maybe my search skills
are not great. Someone else should repeat my work and report.

If my result is correct, what are the implications?

I like Debian. I like GNU. I like Linux. I like Free Software. But what 
is RMS really intending? Did he really say what is being attributed to 
him? Who is in charge at www.gnu.org? 

Paul Condon

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