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Re: net install with eepro100 / 845G

Dave Howorth wrote:
> >>The motherboard has an Intel 845G chipset, which includes an ethernet 
> >>controller that uses the eepro100.o driver.
> >>This driver doesn't seem to be easily loaded.
> >>Is there a debian install that will use this driver?
> The woody bf2.4 disks (blown on a CD) worked fine on my 845G-based m/c
> (I don't remember any more - it's six months ago)

The 2.4.18 bf24 kernel has the eepro100 driver build in.  The modular
kernels need eepro100 in /etc/modules.  Or modprobe it manually and
restart networking to avoid needing to reboot.

The 2.4.20 kernels have the Intel driver called e100 in addition to
the eepro100 driver.  If possible I recommend the e100 driver since it
fixes some bugs in the eepro100 driver.  Intel opened up the source
and now the Intel e100 driver is part of the main kernel tree.  But it
is not available in the 2.4.18 kernel.


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