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Problems with X and the Intel i855GM integrated graphics


I just bought a new Dell Laptop. It's an Inspiron 500m with the
Pentium M, integrated Intel graphics and an 1400x1050 display.

I installed Linux and access on the command line works fine. Now I
wanted to configure X but ran into loads of trouble. I downloaded the
latest Intel drivers, compiled and installed them. I'm using X version
4.2.1-8 from Debian unstable (the rest of the system is from unstable,
as well). My kernel is version 2.4.21. I tried Daniel Stone's 4.3.0
packages as well but they don't work with the Intel drivers.

The Intel driver installs the two kernel modules agpgart and i830.
Both work find and lsmod shows they're installed. But with all this, I
can only get X to work with a maximum resolution of 1024x768 at 8bit
color or 640x480 at 16bit color.

When I choose more colors (i.e. 24bit) X doesn't work at all, it just
dies. What's the problem? Any suggestions, experiences, questions? I
attached all files and messages I though could be relevant.

Best regards,

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