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Re: CD-Writer on Debian Woody

On Tuesday 12 August 2003 09:37, Andreas Janssen wrote:
> Hello
> vinz (<vince@webonline.co.za>) wrote:
> > I've tried everything from a tonn of manuals... I still can't get my
> > aopen cd-writer to work.
> > and anyone help me.... please
> > I'm dying here.
> I assume you use an IDE writer. You have to do at least the following:
> Configure the bootloader so that it tells the kernel to use ide scsi
> emulation for the drive. Edit the append-line of your bootloader:
> append="hdc=ide-scsi"
> if the writer is secondary master
> Don't forget to execute lilo (if you use lilo as your bootloader) and
> reboot.
> Load the drivers. Normally, it is sufficient to load the ide-scsi module
> at boottime (by adding it to /etc/modules). Other drivers should be
> loaded automatically when needed. You can load them manually, you need:
> ide-scsi
> sg
> sr_mod
> scsi_mod
> Please note that some of them may be compiled into the kernel, in this
> case you don't have to load them. You can check the config of your
> kernel (/boot/config-$version). The following options must be set to y
> (compiled into the kernel) or m (module):
> I don't know if all debian kernels have the necessary drivers.

Not all of them do.    Of the Woody (2.2.20) kernels,  'vanilla' (with no 
suffix)  and bf2.4 kernels do, IIRC, but the   idepci   kernel doesn't.  


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