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Re: Yet another HDIO_SET_DMA failed problem

> Are you compiling from source, or using kernel-images?

Compiling from source.  I have 1 GB of RAM, and as of 2.4.18, the
stock images didn't allow *quite* all of that memory to be used (950
MB or so).  This irritated me.

> I use VIA board, and build in VIA82CXXX chipset support
> (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_VIA82CXXX=y) as well as Use PCI DMA by default

I think I enabled everything that looked applicable for DMA, but I'll
check again.

> jkoenig@note:/boot$ grep -i ali config-2.4.21 
> # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI15X3 is not set
> ^Thats probably the one you want
> # CONFIG_WDC_ALI15X3 is not set
> ^Maybe that one too

I think that one of those is the alim15x3 module, and as I mentioned,
that slows down disk by a factor of 4.  I will look, though.

> Do not edit your .config file (in /usr/src/[linux<version>,
> kernel-source-<version>) by hand.

May I ask why not, if (for example) it's just one item to change from
not set to Y?

But I'll try to find the items in "menu xconfig" and try to set them
that way.  One annoying thing: if I find an interesting setting in
.config, I find it hard to tell where it can be set in "menu xconfig".

Tim McDaniel, tmcd@panix.com; tmcd@us.ibm.com is my work address

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