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Re: USB CD-RW Drives

on Sat, Aug 09, 2003, Jerry (jerryvb@toast.net) wrote:
> I have two usb cd-rw drives connected to my computer. I recently had to
> reinstall Woody 3.0r0. Now, Woody cannot see these drives. In my
> previous install they were scd0 & scd1. Now, when I run "sg_map -i"
> these drives do not show up. 
> In modconf I can see that I have sg installed, and I have usbcore
> installed. 
> Here is the modules contents of my /etc/modules file:
> usb-uhci
> usb-ohci

You should only need one of these modules in most normal scenarios;
unless you have added USB ports to your system via a PCI card, for
example. Most people with Intel or VIA chipsets require the usb-uhci
module. However, using both *shouldn't* cause a problem; the superfluous
one *should* just generate errors at load time. I'd get rid of it just
to be sure.

> input
> usbkbd
> keybdev
> lp
> radeon
> mousedev
> ide-scsi

You've recompiled to enable IDE-SCSI support, but did you remember to
disable IDE CDROM support? Not doing so will hide the drives from the
SCSI subsystem.

Hope this helps,


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