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Re: nfs is very slow

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Gilles Missonnier wrote:

> Just to ask people to answer to the list about any NFS hints !
> because we have at our site
> bad ferformances too 
> [ not that bad : 10 MBytes/sec on fast Athlon MP with giga-ethernet : 
> we could expect much more, since ftp/rcp put more than 30 MBytes/sec ]
> thanks

You've perhaps already considered this, but running NFS exports with the
'sync' option can degrade performance to below that of ftp/rcp. Not saying
that 'async' is preferable (I do not, at present, use it in our system),
but that it may explain discrepancies to performance on other transfer

Erik Rask, systems administrator @ AB Strakt
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