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Re: Mounting windows share

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 21:27, Dan Jones wrote:
> I have a file server running Samba with a public share, readable and
> writable to anyone.  I have two Windows machines and one Mandrake
> machine successfully accessing the share.  Viewing the connections under
> Webmin shows the machines connected as user nobody, group nogroup.
> However, when I try to connect my Debian machine to the server, it asks
> me for a password, then gives error "688: tree connect failed: ERRSVR -
> ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair are invalid)"
> I have specified username=nobody and used the guest option without
> success.  I get the error whether logged in as root or as a user.  I get
> it whether I put a line in fstab or call mount.smbfs directly.

OK, additional info.  Running smbclient -L mandor (mandor is the name of
the file server) from the Mandrake machine shows three file shares, one
of which is the one I'm trying to access.  Running the same command from
the Debian machine shows Mandor as a server but doesn't show any of the
file shares.

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